CAXA is the market leader of industrial software and service in China, as well as a pioneer of China Industrial Cloud service, which mainly supplies with 2D & 3D design software (CAD) , MES ,product lifecycle management solution(PLM), and industrial cloud service platform.
With skilled developing team, CAXA keeps on creating and innovating softwares of 2D , 3D CAD and PLM platform. As the first domestic CAD software developing company, it has three development centers in Beijing, Nanjing and America , owning more than 150 pcs of copyrights and patents, and it takes part in several custom work of national CAD and CAPP Technical Standard.
CAXA has its independent intellectual property rights, it is now working to develop and market application software and industrial cloud service, covering fields of product design, process, manufacturing and management. CAXA portfolio consists of PLM solution to Digital Design and PLM solution to Digital Manufacturing ,such as design (2D&3D CAD), process planning (CAPP), data management (PDM) ,manufacturing (CAM,DNC MES & MPM) etc, in order to realize coordinative management for product life cycle. Industrial cloud service platform mainly includes cloud design, cloud manufacturing , cloud coordination, cloud resource and cloud storage etc, such tools and service are essential to product innovating.
Currently, CAXA owns 8 sales & service centers, over 300 agents and 600 education & training centers, With over 30,000 commercial customers including top 500 China manufacturing enterprises covering equipment, electronic, electromechanical, automotive, defense, construction, and education, such as XCMG£¬China XD Group, CNEG, Dongfeng Motor Corporation etc, it supports the educational growth in China within its markets by serving over 3,000 educational institutions, such as Tsinghua University, Beihang University etc.
CAXA is endeavored to be a world class industry software company. For more information, please visit our website:
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